This first session is an introduction to the entire weekend. Looking at what each session contains and how we should expect to be challenged, convicted, and changed.

What does the Bible have to say about Justice and why does God want us to know those things about himself. This is a deep dive into who we are and what the Good News about Jesus should lead us to. 

Often viewed as a letter simply about forgiveness, Philemon offers much in the way of principles and patterns for us to examine to live rightly with one another. Reconciliation is possible...but it costs.

How did we get to where we are now? In this historical account we examine the heavy price we pay for the sins of our past and the continued price of unrepentance. 

This is a collection of questions and responses through out the weekend. Though the questions are not heart the answers are easy to follow and very helpful. (See Questions Here) 

Everyday Justice

God's Heart and the Christian Life

This Conference took place may 24th-27th 2018

When you hear the word "Justice" perhaps a courtroom scene comes to mind. Or maybe you have images of social warriors marching with signs in hand with verbal and physical harassments being tossed at like them like so much rice at a wedding. 

Perhaps you hear "Justice" and are just so thankful that you are you and those other people will receive what they have coming to them. Or you hear the word and know that it is meant for you.

Wherever you may find yourself on this spectrum the idea of acting justly is not for a select few who have the courage to act on conviction. To live justly everyday is to be living in a way that God desires for us to. To live a just life is to live a biblical life. 

Everyday Justice is a short conference hosted by Mountain View Hermanus and taught/facilitated by Isiphambano: Centre for Biblical Justice. Social justice is a good term that speaks of the God ordained moral responsibility that we have toward our neighbor. Biblical Justice on the other hand speaks not just of our moral responsibility but also the very character of God himself. 

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Getting to Know Isiphambano

Isiphambano Centre for Biblical Justice is a study and training centre dedicated to developing a holistic, theological and cross-centred response to racial and economic injustice within the South African context.


What Can I do Now?

Would you like some ways to get involved in your neighborhood and community now? Us too. Here are a couple of ideas.