Mark Week 14

Mark Week 14


You are powerful and deserve honor and we think upon you with Awe this morning.

You have called us to yourself. You have fished us out of captivity to our sin and selves and set each of us on a path to follow your Son. 

Give each of us here this morning confidence in Jesus. May we always be reminded that it is his righteousness we wear. It is our death he died. It is his life that we now live. It is his Kingdom that we are welcomed into. And that he will continually carry us and protect us along the way. 

Give us renewed resolution to follow everyday so that we may not weary and so that we will not be overcome by our weaknesses and the lies of Satan.

Grant strength and speed to our feet as we follow. Put joy in our hearts during the calmest of seas and in the most treacherous of trials. 

Thank you Father for your care, your love, your Holiness, and your Salvation. 

In Jesus’ Powerful name, Amen.