A Snapshot of what we are involved in.  


church planting

We believe the primary way that God affects change in the world–and in the lives of individuals–is through the Local Church. We also strongly believe that the best way to reach those who do not yet know Jesus is through a growing number of Local Churches who are seeking to serve those around them. 

Mountain View Somerset West (MVSW) began in 2002 as a brand new gathering of seasoned and infant Christians that sought to share the Good News of Jesus' birth, life, death, burial, and resurrection with their neighbors and their city. Now MVSW has started a gathering in Hermanus. Planting a church is not an attempt to spread a "Brand" or to be a monument to our "flavor" of Christianity but rather to fulfill a mission given to the Church by Jesus. 

We would be honored to have your join us in this effort.



Being a single church in two locations gives Mountain View Hermanus the ability to already be involved in reaching the whole world with the Gospel before we even have a room full of people. And yet we are faced with the task of being servants to our own community. That is a difficult process and we need all of the help that we can get to reach–not just the ends of the earth–but also our next door neighbors. 


community care

As a church Mountain View sees Community Development as an indispensable way of seeking the good of our cities. Relief, or charity, has its place and is necessary. But to develop a community; to come alongside brothers and sisters created by God, help in whatever way they see fit–to give the place they live a firm foundation and build up other individuals to assist in that process–and to also show the beauty of the Gospel at work...this is a task utterly different from Charity. 

We love people because God loves the people he made. We see all people as beautiful because God saw us that way first. We see diversity as a biblical command and the mingling of diverse communities as a evangelistic imperative.